COVID-19 Isolation

I have just received official word that anyone that attended the Pacific Dental Conference must self isolate for 14 days from the convention. That day March 22nd for my office so we will be closed until then. If you have a dental emergency you may call my emergency number and I will help you remotely. That number is available when you call the office and I am posting it here as well.  15,000 people attended the convention and the information we have been given keeps changing so check back often for updates.  If I receive new information I will post it here and on my website.

The notice from our college also asks that we suspend all non emergency treatment for now. As of next week we will be available for emergencies and tele-dentistry to monitor orthodontic cases. If we are currently working together on a treatment we will be in contact to make sure you are taken care of.  This information is also always changing so checking out website or our social media channels @drcristawalker on Facebook or Instagram.

As of now no one in my office has a temperature so I hope we will come out of this okay. Prayers gratefully accepted as the last thing we need in our office is more stress after the fire. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need care at (604) 315-4465.

Virtual (and safe)

Hugs to you all!