3 fun floss hacks for the kitchen

3 fun floss hacks for the kitchen

One of the most amazing tools you can keep around the home is dental floss! Just imagine It’s strength and versatility being wielded like a pro in the kitchen; remarkable for cutting, tying and slicing.

Kitchen “Twine” – Some food products like meat and bacon need to be bound when cooked. In the absence of string, unwaxed and unflavoured dental floss comes in handy. Tie the food to be cooked with the dental tool and the results will be practically the same. Rest assured, it won’t burn or melt.

Remove Cookies From A Tray – When you don’t want to wait for you cookies to cool, but you’re afraid your still-hot cookies might crumble, you can slide a piece of floss under them to separate them from the baking sheet, and then gently slide them onto a serving plate.

Cutting Food – Floss can act like a knife to cut fruits and cheeses, divide hard boiled eggs, cut fish from it’s skin, slice cake, and more. In baking preparation slide dental floss around your roll of cookie or cinnamon roll dough and pull softly to create even oven-ready rounds. Cut uniform slices of soft cheeses for your hostess platters and amaze guests with perfectly portioned slices of cake.

When you’re done all your baking and cooking – and eating – having floss handy is great for it’s original purpose as well… Bon Appetite!

Happy Flossing!