Dr. Crista

When I was seven I fell and broke one of my front teeth. I feel this experience was one of the defining moments of my life and I spent a lot of time in the dental chair throughout my childhood trying to get my tooth to look right-and stay in! Some of my experiences were wonderful and some of them were scary. I got to experience what my patients go through on a daily basis and saw a lot of different dental styles and realized that I wanted to take care of patients and their smiles like they were part of my family and create happy dental memories for kids and adults.

Of course my educational background is important too. I graduated from the University of Alberta’s Dentistry program in 1998 and have been practicing in Tsawwassen ever since. I’m an active member of several study groups including Treatment Options and Prosthodontics and Current Practices in Restorative Dentistry. I’m SMART certified in safe amalgam removal. My passion is to provide conservative and quality dentistry with a special interest in taking special care of people with dental phobias. Since graduation from dental school I have completed extensive training in root canals, Invisalign, crowns, kids dentistry and functional medicine (which is the science of getting to the root cause of health issues).

When not with patients