Trick or Treating: Candy Hack

Trick or Treating: Candy Hack

When the big night comes, they get dressed up and come home with a sack full of delicious sugary treats that are bad for their teeth and their general health.  How fantastic would it be if you could convince them to voluntarily hand over a portion of their candy?  You need to introduce them the story of Susie Switch Witch who exchanges gifts of toys, books, money or experiences (like a family movie night) for the unhealthy treats they collect which she needs to feed her naughty bats.  While it will require a little more work from your side, everyone’s teeth and your sanity will thank you…

She wears a crooked hat
She’s on the hunt for candy
To feed her naughty bats

They like the brightest lollipops
The green chews and the blue
And if you have some bubblegum
They’ll really want that too!

After trick or treating
Pick out some things to keep
And then put in a bucket, things
To swap while you’re asleep

Then only when you’re snoozing
Susie will drop in
She’ll take out all the candy
And who knows what she’ll put in?

You might wake up and find a toy
Maybe a book or bear?
Something for your piggy bank?
A funny game to share?

So put aside some candy
For Susie’s bats to eat
And in the morning you will find
A different kind of treat!

Now you’re holding onto a stash of Halloween candy and probably don’t want the temptation of keeping it around the house. The easiest thing you can do is bring it to work for your co-workers but the best thing you can do is to donate it forward and sweeten someone else’s day – try the food bank, nursing homes, children’s hospitals, women’s shelters or your local church.