We Will Rebuild (still open!)

To All of my Amazing Patients:

This has been the worst week of my life and yet I have also made new friendships and been on the receiving end of so much kindness.  Dr. Kevin Zhang and his amazing staff opened their hearts and practice at Windsor Woods to us because he was away for this week.  Dr. Liat Tzur-Gadassi from South Delta Orthodontics has opened her practice to us on the days she isn’t there starting on January 14th.  We have a new cell number temporarily 604-910-2258 so we can still be reached for emergencies and contact wherever we are.   We want to keep as normal a practice going as possible during the rebuilding process.  All of us at Serenity Dental need to be needed so don’t worry that you are bothering us or that we might be too busy.  My amazing assistants have been madly ordering products so we can do things the way we love to!

Dentistry is my Zen place and I would rather be in the chair taking care of you then worrying about the fire and all the things I need to do.  Reach out if you are having any dental problems and I will help you.  We are trying to keep operations as normal as possible and don’t want any of you to worry that we won’t be able to see you.  I will post regular construction updates as well, and I hope to be in the new space permanently by the summer.  Can’t wait to share plans about how amazing the new practice is going to be.  One of the first things I can share is that it has outdoor space so kids can play while they wait.

Thanks so much to the Tsawwassen Dental community who have rallied around me, to the Firemen that have worked day and night, to the police who are diligently trying to figure out how this might have happened and most especially to my amazing staff that have rallied around me and learned to be flexible and quick thinking.  None of this would be possible without them and just writing this makes me cry!